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Version 3.0 has been released!

Dominik Madarász  — 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Hi everyone,

It has been 2 months since we've released the second version of librg. When we've started working on 3.0 however, we've decided to revamp and re-design some parts of the library heavily:

  • We've decided to drop support of our component system in the core and make an extension out of it. This means, users aren't forced to use our component system anymore and they can pass their data using user_data pointer.
  • We've also finally brought library contexts to the codebase, so user can maintain multiple instances of librg in a single ...
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    librg - November 2017

    inlife  — 2 months ago
    Hello guys,

    This update post will be short. Just want to quickly describe what we are currently doing, and what are our plans for the future.

    I think you remember from our last update that we were working on the version-3 update. And we planned to release it at the end of October 2017. However we've decided to slightly(or not) hold the update, and include some major changes to an api.

    Some of these changes we wanted to share with you guys:
    We are planning to extract and move our EC system to a separate optional module, considering ...
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    librg - one month update!

    inlife  — 3 months, 1 week ago
    Welcome everybody to our second post.

    First of all we would like to give you guys updates about our current status, and what we have been doing for the past month. And oh boy, that was one hell of a month!

    Lest start with nice list of things that we planned to do:
    * Multi-threaded world reconstruction.
    * Re-visit and revamp all memory allocation strategies.
    * Add support of entity cooling, decreasing the number of updates sent.
    * Add ability to reject all possible built-in events.
    * Add fields: peer and "custom" pointer to the event structure, possibly giving them more potential.
    * Consider single-var context ...
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    Here comes the librg!

    Dominik Madarász  — 4 months, 1 week ago
    Hello everyone! Being a first blog post on this page, I would like to introduce you to our project and tell you about our future goals.

    Essentially, librg is not an network library, as you might think from the first glimpse.
    It contains entity-component system, bundled with event system which are both connected to network library. All this connected together, and mixed with thought-out event flow, gives you a simple way of creating something. It feels not just like a library, but like an architectural framework.

    This project initially started as a out-of-the-box package suited primarily for games which multi-player ...
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