NOTICE: This project has reached a state of completion.

Many people think that implementing networking solution for your game project is the most complicated and time consuming task.  
We believe many people are afraid to even try, which results in the fact, that you almost never see small games made by indie developers having any type of networking involved.

Thus we hope that with this library, which is just a small step in the direction, we might help anyone and everyone who wants to add a multi-player capabilities inside one's game.


  • As "built-in" server:
  •    Server can be attached to the client and run as a subprocess. It will result in a quite common concept of client-hosted game sessions for friends.    However it requires user, or you, to deal with stuff like public ip/visibility.
  • As proxy server:
  •    Would you like to have a dedicated server solution? Server will be used as a proxy to store and send accumulated player data.    Considering the fact that you don't have (almost) any game logic on the server side, it can handle big amounts of clients.    Great example can be something like San-Andreas Multiplayer.
  • As thin client (advanced):
  •    For client side, you will use thin-client "pattern". All user actions will be sent directly to the server.    Requires you to write all the server side systems, like physics handling, game world management, and gameloop on the server side.
  • Any other possible way that was not mentioned.


The library is built with single header-only file design. So everything librg provides is located in includes/librg.h file.  
However it has dependencies. Most of them are also single header-only libraries.

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